Composition and Scoring

Kevan's been composing music for, well, many years, and he just keeps getting better at it....or so he seems to think. Punkfunk, orchestral or downright silly stuff, he's done it all. He loves his job or as he says "Beats working for a living".

Sound Design

Jim has extensive experience in audio editing, sound creation, mixing, and all areas of audio production. This covers years of working in everything from audio/visual presentations to radio to television commercials, music recording, tv series production, and film.

Surround Mixing

We have a custom designed 5.1 mixing environment built exclusively to deliver surround or stereo mixes for television programming, dvd presentations, or film pre-mixes. It is built around a ProTools HD system with a THX approved Blue Sky monitoring system.

Complete Post-Production Services

We have multiple Pro Tools systems at our studio for editing and mixing.

We believe we can offer a cost-effective approach to any music or audio post-production requirements. See our info page for a list of credits or contact us to talk about your requirements or to get a quote.

Web Design

If you need a site that looks like this one your looking at, you've come to the right place.

Between Kevan's penchant for graphic design and Jim's obsession with staring at intricate code, we can put together a site for anyone interested in aesthetics as well as entertainment.

Here's a few sites we've done for other purposes