Hear's the whole story...got a minute?


I suppose it all started when I auditioned for a part in a summer stock theatre production of "The Most Happy Fella". I played the boy..what a stretch for a ten year old. I was well on my way to being a child star on Broadway...ya right! Well at least I learned how to play poker.


I started working as a road manager (general schlepper) for a band called "A Passing Fancy"..please no jokes. Then on to the "Ugly Ducklings". I lived for the day when I could play in a band and have some poor kid lug my equipment up five flights of stairs for twenty bucks.


After my parents could no longer stand the sound of me playing my sitar it was decided that I should get a guitar. Soon after that I discovered Jimi Hendrix and I knew that I wanted to be just like him or at least black!


I met someone who changed my life forever...Carole Pope. I know you thought I was going to say Giselle McKenzie!!

1969- 1973

I'm afraid this is a somewhat blank period of my life but I do know it was fun.

1974- 1986

Composer-Musician and founding member of 'Rough Trade' with Carole Pope. During this time I had the pleasure of working with many wonderful musicians and singers including... Dusty Springfield, Nona Hendryx, Tim Curry and the fabulous Divine!

Limited Edition Direct to disk recording for Umbrella Records

Five albums produced for True North records.

Four Juno Awards

Two Platinum and four Gold recording industry awards

And a partridge in a pear tree

Numerous stage shows performed in Canada/USA and Europe

Co-wrote and performed in the stage show entitled "Restless Underwear". Directed by Ron Link Starring Divine and Rough Trade

Genie Award for best score Alan King's film "One Night Stand"

Songs performed by Tim Curry, Nona Hendryx and Dusty Springfield

Songs written for Film and T.V. including William Friedkin's "Cruising" starring Al Pacino and the "Miami Vice" TV series

1986- 1991

Composer for Tambre Productions (Marvin Dolgay Director)

Award winning commercials including the Bell Telephone "Wildlife" series

T. V. Theme songs and scores for Nelvana Productions

"T and T" Action/Drama series for Global and syndicated U.S. TV (65 episodes)

"My Pet Monster" Animated series for Global and A.B.C. TV (13 episodes)

"Little Rosey" Animated series for A.B.C. TV created by Roseanne Barr

Featured song in "Babar" Animated film for Nelvana

"Katts and Dog" TV Series (4 Episodes)

Theme for "North South" Vision Network

"Inside Stories" C.B.C.

Theme for the Canadian Olympic Freestyle Skiers

1991- 1995

Composer for Rosnick/MacKinnon Productions

T. V. and Radio commercials for Chrysler, Mazda, Toyota , Bell, Coca Cola, McDonalds and many many many...did I say many more.

Mackerel Interactive Music for MacLeans Magazine CD-ROM

Featured song in Atom Egoyan's film "The Adjuster"

"Hall Noises" music score short feature film

"Fire in the Sky" - "Dark Stars" - "Planet X" The McLaughlin Planetarium Star Theater

Bishari Films "No man's Land" CBC "Witness" series Shelley Saywell Director

"Fire and Water" TVO "View from Here" Shelley Saywell Director

"Stars on Ice" Featured piece for Kurt Browning/Scott Hamilton/Brian Orser

Performer at the Elgin Theater "Friends of Gilda" show honouring Gilda Radner

Rough Trade 20th Anniversary "Heterospective" for CBC Radio


"Shaking The Foundations" a Buddies in Bad Times Theatre production which received five nominations for Outstanding Production of a Musical, Outstanding Direction of a Musical (Bryden MacDonald), Outstanding Musical Direction (Holly Arsenault), and two nominations for Outstanding Female Performance in a Musical (Jane Miller, Paula Wolfsson). All music composed by Kevan Staples and Carole Pope.