Documentary lovers themselves, Jim and Kevan can't help but get caught up in the passion and intensity that seems to go hand in hand with documentary filmmaking. They have not only contributed their expertise and creativity to many award-winning documentaries, but both take great personal pride in the volume of work they have done in this genre over many, many years.


Animation likely represents the most extensive work and the greatest diversity of projects that Rhythm Division has worked on. Comedy, adventure, motion capture, sci-fi, 2D, 3D or Flash animation - no matter the genre or format, we've enhanced many productions with the sound design, creativity and quality required to deliver a high calibre product.


Every new live-action project presents an array of unique, exciting challenges and opportunities to be met and mastered in order to reach and capture its audience. Soundtracks, sound design and effects play an integral role in meeting those demands and mastering those opportunities. Rhythm Division's exceptional team and their 40-plus years of experience in the business have yet to meet a challenge they couldn't master.


Kevan has a long history of producing unique soundtracks for a variety of projects, as well as composing songs for a variety of international artists. His attention to detail and nuance is evident in all his work.


You've heard it countless times before, "state-of-the-art technology" "comfortable surroundings" "convenient downtown location"… But we swear, this time it's true! We can deliver broadcast-ready 5.1 Dolby® surround sound mixes, voice recording, ADR, foley, editorial and sound effects. Throw in comfy couches and really, what more can you ask for … ?